CPR Mask



Packing Size:
1 pcs in 1 Box

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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, short firm is 'CPR' is performed when the heart stops beating. It’s a lifesaving procedure that can double or even triple the chances that a person survives after cardiac arrest.

CPR face masks and shields work to keep you protected from germs while rendering aid.

The CPR pocket mask is also known as a pocket face mask. They are used to safely get rescue breaths to a person who is in respiratory distress or cardiac arrest. The unused mask is stored in a pouch or envelope. These are kept in first aid kits and many people carry them in their wallet or handbag. The CPR mask ensures safety by having a one-way filter valve in place. When the person giving breaths breathes in to the mouth of the patient the one way filter valve prevents any mucus, blood, vomit, etc from going back in to the resuscitators mouth.

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