Ear Plug Foam Disposable

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Rs.112.50 Rs.150.00 25% OFF


Packing Size:
1 pcs in 1 pkt

Product Highlights:
  • Block or silence auditory distractions like Snoring so you can sleep well, Study or read in quite silence.
  • Easily fit in your Ear and do not fall out.
  • Wear earplugs with comfort for long periods without pain, being sore.
  • Retains Shape after use, Durable, Long Lasting.

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Everyone needs a bit of peace and quiet every now and then. When you are trying to concentrate on work.

  1. Need to concentrate in Class, Office, School, Training while some one make Noise as well as disturbing you.
  2. Need to Sleep well while your partner or Friend make to start snoring in night.
  3. It is better to carry when you started traveling via Bus, Train, Plain sound is disturbing you.
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