Threptin Disketts 275gm


Packing Size:
275gm in 1 Jar

Product Highlights:
  • Useful for growing Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women
  • Useful for people experiencing Stress
  • Helps to overcome the Protein deficiency in the Body
  • Beneficial in case of Recovering Patients

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Threptin High Calorie Protein Diskettes is used as a supplement to a diet consisting largely of cereals & Vegetables. It is a solid protein powder that offers health benefits to all age groups like pregnant or lactating women, growing children, people with a stressful life, the aged and recuperating patients. Threptin Diskettes is a complete protein of high Biological value. 

Key Ingredients:

L-arginine 1.14 gm

Key Benefits:

  • Threptin Diskettes is ready to eat protein which relieves hunger in between meals
  • It can be used by individuals of all ages

 Directions For Use:

  • A Person can have 3 - 5 of them at a time and up to 3 times a day
  • Threptin Diskettes should be consumed in 3 weeks after the container open.
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